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West Africa

Fully functioning data center project and internet backbone

The project set out to establish a fully functioning internet data center, train at least 15 people and fill in a missing link in the internet backbone in West Africa, enabling about 1,000 companies to establish locally hosted web services.

Internet and ICT in Africa are growing fast. There are however several infrastructural problems. Data-transfer and storage currently rely mainly on servers in other continents, making ICT expensive. The financial proceeds of ICT development in Africa are flowing elsewhere.

Developing a local data center is therefore in itself a business opportunity due to the fact that banks, insurance companies, hospitals, universities and several ministries are in need for local, safe data storage. The data center in turn will offer many opportunities for other ICT-related businesses. The project encompasses the realization of an internet data center in Sofnet's new office building in Ouagadougou.

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