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MTC Namibia 3G HSDPA Green Network

In September 2006 Mobile Telecommunications Limited (MTC) in Namibia, one of the largest GSM operators in the country announced launching a new 3G network. MTC is 34% owned by Portugal Telecom and has contracted Siemens to build the network. Siemens supplied and installed a state- of-the-art 3G HSDPA (high speed downlink packet access) network .

The system is one of the first such networks in sub-Saharan Africa. The network supports GSM, GPRS and EDGE connections. The company is also continuing to expand its GSM network with a further 122 base stations installed.

MTC Namibia has also set to analyze the powering of cellular base stations using wind and solar power. Using technology developed and tested by Motorola in Swindon, UK, MTC will incorporate the first base stations with sustainable technology.

The base stations will use a combination of wind power and solar panels to power not only the base station itself, but also an electric fence around the unit, a weather station, VSAT and a modem to send back regular reports to the control center.

Scholl-Heuter consolidated a full telecommunications business plan, hand in hand with other consulting companies.