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Modular rotational printing

This project consisted of the establishment of a small company with two modern printing machines which will produce high quality printing products for the local market. At the end of the project some 2 million forms per year will be printed. Scholl-Heuter's goal was to help the company achieve its goals while providing close support assist in the business and finance fields. This project established an advanced offset printing company in Meknes, Morocco.
The printing rotation offset with modular features. These features enable the small company to produce advanced prints, for example: value transfer documents, tracking & tracing documents, crowd management print and advanced direct mail. The training of staff will be a crucial activity. Customers, such as banks, insurance and telephone companies, and institutional stakeholders will be informed about the possibilities of advanced integrated print which can improve their internal productivity and/or accountability.
The applicant saw good business opportunities in Morocco because nobody else can provide the high quality printing he can.

This project provides Morocco with high quality printing which is new to the country. Together with the customers - tailor made printing products will be developed, which will also be cheaper as they don't have to be imported. Students from the local printing school are now able to learn about modem techniques, thus modern techniques can be introduced into the sector.