Scholl-Heuter ICT

We develop survey and disseminate knowledge through our functional expertise and in-depth knowledge of the international markets. Each practice is led by a group of partners and relies on dedicated experts and managers .
Our main fields of expertise include :

• Banking and securities - Helps clients in building a wide picture of the commercial and investment banking in the relevant arenas .

• Business Building and development - Focuses on kick-starting and sustaining profitable growth, following the client's frame of reference.

• Academic - Commercial fusion and synergy - Creates and Facilitates academic - commercial cooperation, aiming to promote both academic and business objectives .

• Corporate Finance and Strategy - Provides a broad range of financial and strategic counsel for mergers and competitive advantage .

• Global Strategy - Helps clients leverage their intangible assets to reshape industries in ways that provide competitive advantage .

• Telecommunication - Covers wireless service providers, telecom equipment, software companies and e-commerce players.

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