Scholl-Heuter is a private investment consultancy house established in Vienna in 2001. We offer a selected group of our prominent clients, mostly of the venture capital community the following consultancy services: Supporting strategic decision-making processes.

Investment feasibility assessment, specifically in the field of technology within the developing and emerging market economies.

Scholl-Heuter is comprised of a highly skilled skeleton staff of in-house researchers and project managers, backed by a contingent of freelance consultants and representatives, specializing in the various fields and regions of interest to our clients.

Our new markets research desk prides itself with the ability to timely identify trends and opportunities to provide our clients the option of making an early entrance into the relevant markets.

As part of this enterprise we are interested in identifying potential local partners to improve our ability to provide a local "road map" to best suit our clients' goals and interests.

Together we provide our clientele with tailor-made solutions and strategies based on their specific and diverse goals.